Fraternity recruitment at Ohio State is “open” style. This means that prospective new members are able to choose which chapters to visit at any point. There are no required events for potential new members prior to the recruitment period, however, attending the IFC ran information and tabling events are highly encouraged. PNMs do not have to visit every chapter on campus. Ohio State is home to many fraternities, each offering a unique experience to its members. Those considering joining a fraternity or learning more about what the fraternal experience has to offer should consult the resources below or contact the Interfraternity Council at

Regular recruitment for every fraternity typically takes place after the IFC Kickoff period at the start of each semester. Visit the Chapters page to learn more about our individual member organizations. Chapters post their recruitment schedules on their social media accounts at the beginning of each semester and all schedueles are reshared on the IFC account @ohiostateifc

Important Recruitment Dates

Register For Recruitment

Sunday, January 9th - Neighborhood Tours - 12 to 2pm

Meet at Wexner Plaza across from 15th Ave

Tuesday, January 11th - Tabling Session - 6:30 to 8:30pm
Zoom Registration:

Wednesday, January 12th - Recruitment Orientation - 7 to 8pm
Zoom Registration:

Thursday, January 13th - Chapters Start Individual Recruitment

Wednesday, January 19th - Bids can start being extended

Must be given a minimum of 48hrs to decide

Questions about COVID protocols/recruitment contact (614) 580-8773

Joining Requirements:

  1. Student must have completed at least 12 credit hours at The Ohio State University
    - If you are a non-traditional student or have attended other institutions, contact

  2. Student must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA or better
    - Be aware that numerous individual chapters have higher GPA requirements.

  3. Click here to register for recruitment

Recruitment FAQs

How can I learn more about the individual chapters?

  • Visit the Chapters page of this website for social media  and other information about each of our chapters. If you have specific questions for a chapter, reaching out to them directly via their listed social media pages or emails is best. 

How do I find chapters recruitment calendar?

  • All chapters publish their own recruitment schedules to their social media pages. Visit the Chapters page of this website for a list of all chapters and their social media handles. It is recommended that you take a picture of any individual chapter’s schedule and plan which events you would like to attend.

Which chapters’ events should I attend?

  • This is completely up to you! Try to set a schedule and go to as many events for as many chapters as you are able. Joining a fraternity is a lifelong commitment, so it is a good idea to explore several chapters to find the fit that you are looking for. 

I am a freshman. Can I attend fraternity recruitment events in the fall?

  • Definitely! Although you are unable to receive or accept a bid from any chapter until you meet the Joining Requirements found above, all fraternity recruitment events are open for you to attend. This is a great way for you to meet more chapters and establish relationships prior to spring recruitment. 

Do I need to be a legacy to join any of the fraternities?

  • No. Every fraternity is open for recruitment to any potential new member, regardless of legacy status.

How much does it cost to be in a fraternity?

  • Every fraternity varies in cost. Some fraternities have different costs based on if you live in the chapter house or not. Contact a chapter for specific questions on costs. Many chapters also offer scholarships of some kind that their members can apply for. 

If you have other questions, email

Common Terms:

Rush - another term for the two week recruitment period at the beginning of the Autumn and Spring semesters

Deferred Recruitment - students must complete at least 12 credit hours (one semester) at The Ohio State University before being eligible to join a fraternity

Bid* - a formal invitation to join a fraternity
*You are given a minimum of 48 hours to decide to accept or decline a bid although some chapters may opt to give more time

PNM - stands for Potential New Member, a student who is interested in joining a fraternity

Legacy* - a potential new member whose grandparents, parents, or siblings are alumni of a specific fraternity
*You are not required to join an organization that you are a legacy of

Underground/Unrecognized Organization - groups who have lost their status as a student organization at the Ohio State University, usually due to hazing, endangering behavior, and other policy violations

Block - social events held by fraternities before home football games, often with a sorority (Block Partner)

IFC - Interfraternity Council. The governing body of all recognized fraternities on campus. Comprised of a General Body (each fraternity's chapter president) that elects the Executive Board members. The IFC works with the chapters and the University to promote and improve the fraternal experience for our members and communities. 

NIC - North American Interfraternity Conference. The international organization composed of over 70 men's fraternities. 

For Parents and Families:

What does it mean for my student to join a fraternity?

  • Fraternities provide students with life-long benefits. A fraternity can offer your son a home away from home while he is at school. Studies have shown that a student’s involvement in Greek organizations increases their chances of graduating and their success in college by providing them with opportunities for leadership, service, scholarship, and networking. 

Will my student’s grades suffer as a result of being in a fraternity?

  • The all-Greek GPA has been above the University average GPA for over 35 semesters now. Many chapters have set their own GPA requirements above the IFC’s requirements and promote maintaining high academic achievement while pursuing involvement in other campus and community organizations. Some chapters have incentives that reward members for high academic achievement each semester.

Want to learn more about Greek life and what it could mean for you and your student? Check out these videos:

Resources for Potential New Members: 

Sorority and Fraternity Life Code of Student Conduct History

  • This document contains information pertaining to chapters that have violated the Code of Student Conduct, as well as any consequences that may have been levied against the chapter.

  • Be advised that many chapters whose status as a recognized student organization has been revoked by the University continue to operate and recruit students. These unrecognized or “underground” 'fraternities' tarnish the reputations of upstanding chapters on our campus as well as those of the national organizations they once belonged to. 

  • Unrecognized groups that are known to be recruiting and operating include: Pi Kappa Alpha (Pike), Sigma Alpha Mu (Sammy), Alpha Epsilon Pi (Apes), Phi Kappa Psi (Phi Psi), Theta Tau, Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT), Phi Delta Theta (Phi Delt), Sigma Pi (Sig Pi), and Kappa Sigma (KSig, KappaSig).

    • These organizations are not subject to the code of conduct and safety standards that recognized fraternities are. These organizations pose serious risks to anyone they associate with and have been known to be associated with sexual misconduct; illegal drug use; physical hazing; endangering others; crime; and personal injury.

    • Reports regarding unrecognized groups including attempted recruiting should be reported here. These underground 'fraternities' eschew the traditional fraternal experience and do not offer the opportunities for leadership, service, scholarship, and brotherhood that the recognized chapters do. 

    • List of unrecognized groups updated as of August 2021

Check out this document for recruitment tips and tricks!

All IFC Fraternities have agreed to comply with the current semesters recruitment policy
Follow @ohiostateifc on Instagram for a list of all chapters recruitment schedules and up to date information