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Address: 166 E. Woodruff Ave
About: Acacia Fraternity has one of the longest standing charters at Ohio State. Our motto is Human Service and we take that very seriously with our Seven Days of Service event that occurs each semester. Our focus is to provide the opportunity for you to become the best man you can be while creating life-long friendships along the way.
Instagram: @acaciaosu

Alpha Delta Phi

Also Referred to As: ADPhi, AlphaDelt
About: Alpha Delta Phi is one of the world's oldest and most distinguished fraternities. The new Ohio State chapter is committed to following Alpha Delta Phi's motto of "Building the Entire Man: Moral, Social, Intellectual" and will allow new members to help build the chapter, create our history, and leave their legacy.
Instagram: @adphi_buckeyes

Alpha Gamma Rho

Also Referred to As: AGR
Address: 1979 Iuka Avenue
About: Alpha Gamma Rho is a Social-Professional fraternity, that prides ourselves in the shared interest of agriculture amongst our members and strives to make better men by following principles that encourage both the enhancement of the fraternity as a whole and the member as an individual.  We hold our sense of brotherhood among each other in high regards and the making of life long friends in the process.
Instagram: @agrbeta

Alpha Gamma Sigma

Also Referred to As: AGS
Address: 1918 Indianola Ave
About: Alpha Gamma Sigma is a national fraternity of agricultural heritage founded in 1923. The Alpha chapter of AGS at The Ohio State University is a professional and social agricultural fraternity, comprised of both agricultural and non-agricultural related students who share a common interest. Our mission, "Preparing men for life by coming together as scholars, living as brothers, and becoming the leaders of tomorrow," highlights our goals as a fraternity and is something we strive to follow every day. 
Instagram: @ags_osu

Alpha Kappa Lambda

Also Referred to As: AKL, AlphaKapp
About: As Men of Character, the Mu Chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda Fraternity is a platform for our brothers to exemplify our five ideals of Judeo-Christian Principals, Leadership, Scholarship, Loyalty, and Self-Support. Our commitment to serve others and our community is challenged only by our commitment to act as a catalyst and support system for an educationally and socially maturing process. This process shapes and develops our brothers, lifting them to their personal definition of excellence. Our resolve in personal character imbues the foundation of our chapter with the strength necessary to be the example when we have none, and set the example when there are none. As AKL's, we use our ideals to achieve a wholeness of manhood that is prepared to assume the obligations of life.
Instagram: @akl_osu

Alpha Sigma Phi

Also Referred to As: AlphaSig
Address: 81 E. 15th Ave.
About: No chapter description available
Instagram: @alphasigs

Alpha Tau Omega

Also Referred to As: ATO, Taus
Address: 1956 Iuka Ave
About: Alpha Tau Omega fraternity was founded in 1865 at the Virginia Military Institute. Since then, chapters such as the Beta Omega chapter of ATO at The Ohio State University have focused on brotherhood, leadership, scholarship, philanthropy, and many of the key values that have contributed to the national fraternity of Alpha Tau Omega earning the title of America's Leadership Development Fraternity.
Instagram: @osu_ato

Beta Theta Pi

Also Referred to As: Beta
Address: 165 East 15th Avenue
About: Founded in 1839 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Beta is one of the oldest and largest fraternities across the country. The Ohio State chapter also has a longstanding history since its founding in 1895. The Ohio State Beta Theta Pi strives to create men of principle through our core values, trust, mutual assistance, responsible conduct, integrity, and cultivation of intellect.
Instagram: @beta_ohiostate

Delta Chi

Address: 191 East 15th Avenue
About: Delta Chi is an international collegiate fraternity founded in 1890. As fraternity members, we promote friendship, develop character, advance justice, and assist in the acquisition of a sound education. A member of Delta Chi at Ohio State joins a once in a lifetime brotherhood. 
Instagram: @osudeltachi

Delta Kappa Epsilon

Also Referred to As: DKE, Deke
About: Delta Kappa Epsilon at Ohio State is a fraternity with a a focus on social, brotherhood, philanthropy, and service.
Instagram: @osudekes

Delta Sigma Phi

Also Referred to As: DeltaSig
Address: 1952 Iuka Avenue
About: Founded in 1899, the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity holds diversity and inclusion to the highest standard. The Alpha Iota chapter at Ohio State builds better men on the values of chivalry, genuineness, and passion. As a member of Delta Sig, you will be given opportunities to excel academically, philanthropically, and as a university and community leader.
Instagram: @deltasigosu

Delta Tau Delta

Also Referred to As: DTD, Delt
Address: 67 East 15th Avenue
About: No chapter description available
Instagram: @osudelts

Delta Theta Sigma

Address: 80 East 13th Avenue
Also Referred to As: DTS
About: Delta Theta Sigma was founded in 1907 here at The Ohio State University with the goal to create a brotherhood for men in agriculture. The Alpha chapter is committed to leadership development, growth, scholarship, and service to our community.
Instagram: @dts_alpha_osu

Farmhouse ATZ

Address: 153 East 14th Avenue
About: FarmHouse Fraternity is an international collegiate fraternity which was founded in 1905. The ATZ chapter at Ohio State was founded originally as Alpha Zeta in 1897 as the first agricultural-based fraternity. FarmHouse intends to build the whole man through four-fold development: Intellectually, Spiritually, Socially/Morally, and Physically. 
Instagram: @farmhouseatz

Kappa Delta Rho

Also Referred to As: KDR
Address: 234 E. 17th Avenue
About: Kappa Delta Rho is a new fraternity at Ohio State which is focused on providing its members a fulfilling college experience at Ohio State. Our primary focus is to ensure all members find through our organization: a brotherhood they can depend on, professional development opportunities, academic curiosity, and contributions to the Columbus and broader community. Through this, our goal is to help Ohio State men grow and thrive throughout their college experience.
Instagram: @kdrohiostate

Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji)

Also Referred to As: Fiji, Phi Gams
Address: 94 E. 15th Ave.
About: The mission of the Omicron Deuteron chapter of Phi Gamma Delta is to unite men in enduring friendships, stimulate the pursuit of knowledge, and build courageous leaders who serve the world with the best that is in them. Through service and philanthropic endeavors, we try and shape men of character who strive for excellence in every aspect of their lives. Together we strive to be an active, vital force of men who live out our values and make a positive impact on our university and community.
Instagram: @ohiostatefiji

Phi Kappa Tau

Also Referred to As: PhiTau
Address: 141 E. 15th Avenue
About: Since founding in 1906, Phi Kappa Tau has upheld the mission to champion a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership, and exemplary character. Phi Tau aims to be recognized as a leadership organization that binds men together and challenges them to improve their campuses and the world.
Instagram: @osuphitau

Phi Sigma Kappa

Also Referred to As: PhiSig
Address: 1988 Iuka Avenue
About: Phi Sigma Kappa is a lifelong brotherhood dedicated to the betterment of the individual, the university community, and our world, by giving its members opportunities to develop leadership skills, participate in service to others, achieve academic excellence, experience cultural diversity and practice personal integrity. We strive to be a group of men trusted throughout the university, to forge long-lasting friendships throughout the community, and to create the memories you'll never forget.
Instagram: @phisigosu

Pi Kappa Phi

Also Referred to As: PiKapp
Address: 200 East 15th Ave
About: Pi Kappa Phi is a relatively young fraternity both nationally and at Ohio State. However, this has not limited us in anyway. Our philanthropy efforts year round, a stride for academic success, and the opportunity to grow as a person is what being a Pi Kapp is all about. The brotherhood shared amongst those all have these aspects in common and are always willing to grow as a man and expand their mindset. With this idea in mind; we have always lived by the motto “Exceptional leaders. Uncommon opportunities” and with this you find yourself becoming the ideal man you have always envisioned.
Instagram: @pikappohiostate

Pi Lambda Phi

Also Referred to As: PiLam
Address: 1962 Iuka Avenue
About: Pi Lambda Phi, founded in 1895 at Yale University has quickly become "the nation's most relevant fraternity". PiLam has found incredible national success by discarding the negative stereotypes associated with Greek life while championing the elimination of prejudice as its creed; a belief that shines bright more so today than ever. It was these same values that led to the creation and success of The Ohio State University of Pi Lambda Phi. At OSU, the chapter has developed into a fraternity of well-rounded, successful gentlemen of all creeds. From student body executives to members of OSU Athletics, we've attracted and developed excellent men into the best of the best, while remaining affordable for all our members. 
Instagram: @pilamohiostate

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Also Referred to As: SAE
Address: 1934 Indianola Ave
About: Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a national social fraternity founded in 1856. The Theta chapter at The Ohio State University has the mission of building well-rounded men by promoting the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, and service. Our men strive to show the exemplary behavior set forth by the ideals of our Founders and our creed, "The True Gentleman". 
Instagram: @saeohiostate

Sigma Chi

Also Referred to As: SigChi
Address: 260 East 15th Avenue
About: While Sigma Chi's core values are Friendship, Justice, and Learning, our vision is to be the preeminent leadership and character development brotherhood benefitting our members throughout their lives. Our mission is to develop values-based leaders committed to the betterment of character, campus, and community. In the pursuit of these high ideals, Sigma Chi Fraternity is able to offer tremendous value in augmenting the collegiate experience and supporting the lifelong journey of each of its members. We hope to assist brothers in becoming men of character and community leaders. 
Instagram: @osusigmachi

Sigma Phi Epsilon

Also Referred to As: SigEp
Address: 1943 Waldeck Ave.
About: Sigma Phi Epsilon at the Ohio State University is more than just a Greek Fraternity. We are a collective of men looking to further amplify our skills by surrounding ourselves with individuals who will challenge our ideas and push us to be better. Through our fully developed Balanced Man Program, we focus on crafting individuals with a sound mind, body, and spirit while demonstrating the values of virtue, diligence, and brotherly love. We exist as a platform for our brothers to be prepared for life after college and offer a unique experience that transcends past your time here at Ohio State.
Instagram: @osusigep

Sigma Tau Gamma

Also Referred to As: SigTau; STG
Address: 2176 Summit St.
About: Sigma Tau Gamma is a national collegiate fraternity founded in 1920 by veterans of the First World War to be a Fraternity of courageous and noble gentlemen who always endeavor forward. Its members dedicate themselves to a set of six Principles: Learning, Integrity, Excellence, Leadership, Citizenship, and Brotherhood.
Instagram: @sigtauohiostate

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Also Referred to As: TKE, Tekes
About: No chapter description available
Instagram: @osu_tke

Theta Chi

Address: 1978 Iuka Ave.
About: Theta Chi Fraternity is an international collegiate fraternity founded in 1856. The Alpha Lambda chapter at Ohio State is founded on the ideals of the importance of our Alma Mater and the usefulness of our fraternity. Together, through Theta Chi, we focus on growth as brothers academically, philanthropically, and socially. 
Instagram: @osu_thetachi

Theta Xi

Address: 174 East Woodruff Ave
About: At Theta Xi, we strive to create a close-knit group of unique individuals bonded together by friendship and brotherhood. By emphasizing quality of character, the brothers of Chi Chapter constantly push each other to succeed and grow as leaders. An individual who joins Chi Chapter can expect to find an organization driven by loyalty, respect, and dedication to a Brotherhood that will provide a support system for him to rely on for the entirety of his college career and beyond. 
Instagram: @thetaxiosu


Address: 45 E. 12th Ave
About: Triangle is a social fraternity exclusively for engineers, architects, and scientists and was founded in 1907 at the University of Illinois. Our purpose is to develop balanced men who cultivate high moral character, foster lifelong friendships and lead lives of integrity. We offer countless leadership opportunities, avenues for community service, scholarships and much more. Triangle provides a bridge between academic life and a career as well as a foundation for success in the years after college.
Instagram: @osutriangle